Dec 012016

Hi everyone, we will be holding an SGM on Thursday 15 December to submit the Treasurer’s Report for the year, hope to see as many there as possible. It shouldn’t take too long, so you will be able to have plenty of time for board gaming and RPGs afterwards. The SGM will be held in E4 in Kirwood Village. Please get in contact with us if there is anything you would like to know or anything you would like brough up in the meeting. We can be reached on Facebook, Slack or find out email adresses at the bottom of the 2016 Committee page.

Facebook event page here

Nov 262016

What’s this? A post? On the website?

Don’t worry, folks! The SAGA website isn’t dead – we’ve just been very, very quiet.

The year’s starting to wrap up – people are thinking about summer holidays, barbecues, and what to get people for Christmas. But SAGA still has a couple of tricks up its sleeve! Check out our events page to see what else we have planned for the year, and don’t forget to keep up to date via our Facebook page!

Feb 172016


Hello new and old members! I’m sure we’re all looking forwards to getting back into gaming for the year. Our first official meetings will be on the 1st and 3rd of March – check our facebook page for more details coming up.


For those of you who’ve just stumbled on our webpage, I’ve reproduced part of our presidents, Robert’s, intro in our Out of Character magazine (which you can pick up a copy of at clubs day – or will be available online soon). 

For those of you trying to decide whether SAGA Inc. is for you, let me offer a little assistance. As a club we help facilitate the hobbies of board gaming and role playing. We meet every Tuesday and Thursday at 6pm in Kirkwood village and play these games, creating social connections – putting you in contact with over 100 others who share an interest in tabletop gaming.


To those of you who are not experienced board gamers or role players, here is a description (the rest of you probably want to skip to the next paragraph): Board gaming wise SAGA has a massive collection of games (listed in this OoC) and we provide a warm, dry, and safe gaming space. Attendees gather and play these games together, and it’s a great way to have fun and meet people. Our games are more enjoyable than the household monopoly! Resource management, worker allocation, battles; the games are interesting and engaging. My favourite board game is Caverna, where each player controls family of dwarves and attempts to make them prosper by working mountain, forest, and field to build their home and feed them.


Role playing is a little more difficult to describe, you may have heard of Dungeons and Dragons, Titansgrave, or AGE. They are role playing games; a group of people collaboratively tell a story. In many games, players will create their own characters which they play with conviction, then the game rules help determine how the story moves forward. The game plays out in the imaginations of the participants as they narrate their character’s words and actions. Many games also have GMs or MCs, who play the world at large and help by being an adjudicator or referee over the rules. SAGA has many talented and award winning GMs to run games for you and others.


While most role playing games take place around a table, there is also Live-Action-Role-Playing (LARP). Some find that they enjoy more immersion than in tabletop role playing and so players dress up as their characters and role play on a set of some kind. It’s basically a play, but without any audience to watch. It is for the fun of the players alone. Often written and run by GMs who cast players in roles. Those are three shallow descriptions of the hobbies SAGA Inc. helps facilitate for the community. We recommend trying as many as you can out. You do not need to be a SAGA member to give gaming a try, we are welcoming of people who aren’t ready to commit to us!


This year we will have gaming two nights of the week, Tuesdays and Thursdays at 6pm in Kirkwood village. Our biggest event is Buckets of Dice, a convention over the Queen’s Birthday Weekend that hosts all types of board gaming and role playing. Phoenix, the second largest event, is a LARP convention being held in August. The third is a 48hour charity event where we get sponsors and play games for 48 hours non-stop. There will be more information coming on all these events, and the monthly smaller ones we host as well.


This year SAGA Inc. is also hosting its fourth Living campaign – Living Dungeon World (LDW). To explain again quickly, Dungeon World is a high fantasy role playing game that uses the Apocalypse World engine. Basically, the designers remembered their favourite time role playing was when they were ten and playing D&D without reading any of the rules. Dungeon World is that game: easy, accessible, trope filled high fantasy. In LDW, 5+ GMs run games for 50+ ever changing players. The characters live at a central hub, group up, go influence and change the world, and hopefully return to the central hub before the game’s conclusion. It is a great way to get into role playing as there is no commitment – no pressure to show up every week, you play when you feel like it. There will be more on LDW in this OoC, but know that our model has been replicated throughout gaming groups in the world since SAGA’s first LDW in 2013.


Jun 052015

Buckets of Dice 2015 went well, with nearly 100 attending over the three days of gaming. Both LARPs had good turnout, with many people putting a lot of effort into their costuming. Having the Grand Strat on Monday instead of the Sunday evening like prior years seemed to have been a good choice, with less pressure to end before the end of the evening things were still able to progress on time. Lots of Board games were played, with 66 noticed by the Quartermaster.

We have some events coming up in the next few months. More will be posted about later.

SAGA’s 48 hour charity event – supporting Youthline
Friday, 3 July 2015 starting at 1000 we’ll be having our second 48 hour fundraiser for charity. This first happened last year during the Canterbury anniversary weekend and we raised more than $1000 for the City Mission. This year we’ll be donating proceeds to Youthline and hope to at least match last years donation. Many of our club will show up on the Friday morning with the intention of playing games, both RPGs and Board Games, for as much of the following 48 hours as possible. Sponsorship forms will be available at SAGA sessions, or can be downloaded from Dropbox.

2015 AGM
Tuesday, 11 August 2015 at 1800
At the start of the regular booking for this particular Tuesday we’ll be having the Annual General Meeting to deal with the normal housekeeping stuff and voting for the 2016 committee. If you are a SAGA member you can serve on the committee, although the President has to also have been a Canterbury University student, either current or Alumni. Should there be things you want added to the agenda please email at least 1 week before the AGM. For information about committee roles see our Constitution.

2015 Mini-Con 2
Saturday, 26 September 2015 at 0800
Two days set aside for Boardgames and RPG one-offs, in the Kirkwood Village rooms KH3 and KH5. These tend to be fairly casual days, with the ability to drop in for a while, go get food, come back and play more. Closer to the day there will be a poll up on the facebook event page so people can request particular board games.

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Buckets of Dice 2015 in less than a week.

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May 242015

Our big event for the year starts next weekend and if you haven’t registered already you can still come along on the day(s) you want to but you’ll be charged a little bit more. Event info can be found here. We’ve had 87 people pre-register so if there’s enough walk-ins this could be the year we hit 100 attendees.

This week just before Buckets will be the final session of the Living Monster of the Week campaign (Tuesday only). Once we return from the long weekend of gaming we’ll be calling for GMs that want to run their own campaigns, of whatever system they’re interested in.

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Apr 242015

We’ve now had eight weeks of sessions and while there’s been a bit of drop off in attendance due to holidays we hope to have things pick up again next week. The Living Monster of the Week campaign keeps getting multiple groups of Hunters and there’s been at least one group of boardgamers each night.

Mini-Con I and the International TableTop Day events both had a good turn out. Role playing happened for much of each day and there was boardgaming almost constantly.

Onto the future… This Sunday is our (first?) Long Board Games Day and if you’ve been wanting to get one (or more) of you many hour games played this could be the perfect opportunity. Most wanted to play currently (according to the informal poll on the event page) are Eclipse, Firefly, Die Macher, Mage Knight, Arkham Horror, and A Game of Thrones. With the event starting at 0800, probably starting to play closer to 0900, it should be possible to get a couple of particularly long games in, even with a break to get food nearby. We’ll be in the Kirkwood Village, rooms KF7 and KF8, with our President intending to be there at 0800 and Quartermaster aiming for almost as early if he can.

Most importantly though it’s now just a little over a month until our big Buckets of Dice event and signups went live a couple of days ago. If you wish to attend, and have the best chance of getting to play in the things you want to, please fill out the Attendee signup form. This is most relevant for the two LARPs but first session RPGs are also included on the form.

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Feb 282015

Hi there people.

We have regular bookings organised for the regular Tuesday/Thursday sessions between 1800 and 2200. We won’t be meeting in the Kirkwood Village this year though. Instead, we have three rooms of the Karl Popper building (maps below) booked and may be able to spread a little further if need be. Entrance to the building is along the long side of the building and if you drive we suggest parking in the Law Car Park (free parking from 5pm and quite close). There is still a desire on our behalf to get consistent bookings in the Kirkwood Village as the rooms are bigger, but we feel that having consistent rooms now is more important.

We’ll be starting shortly after 1800 with introductions from committee members, so you all know who we are and who to ask questions of, and details about plans for the upcoming months so you know what to look forward to. We’ll also have short blurbs from the GMs running one-offs to promote their games for the night. If you want to run a one-off RPG for either night please message SAGA Inc on Facebook with details. Some of the board games we own will be present, probably a dozen or so, and it’s almost certain that others will bring their own. Requests for specific games will be best served via comments/message on FaceBook (as more of the committee are likely to see).

If you haven’t yet signed up for 2015 we’ll have the forms available each night (and for the rest of the year) so bring along $5 and get your membership card. If you haven’t seen the first Out Of Character for the year we’ll have some of those available as well, and hope to have a digital copy here soon so you can peruse it at leisure.

Location of Karl Popper building. Image via

Location of Karl Popper building. Image via

Map of Karl Popper and surrounding buildings.

Map of Karl Popper and surrounding buildings.

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2015 begins

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Feb 082015

Hi there people.

With the main Canterbury Uni courses starting up again in a couple of weeks we are also about ready to begin our 2015 year.

Our first happenings are the Clubs Days at the Dovedale campus (Feb 18) and Main campus (Feb 2526). Come along and sign up if you want to, we’ll have the first Out Of Character for the year and some more information about upcoming events.

The first week of March we start back with the regular evening sessions in the Kirkwood Village (rooms to be confirmed) that will be familiar to those of you that have previously been members Karl Popper building (see more recent post). We will be meeting between 1800 and 2200 each Tuesday and Thursday for the rest of the University year, including holidays. The first week is Intro Sessions with one-off RPGs and as many Board Games as the Quartermaster (me) can manage to convince people to play.

From the second week this year’s Living Campaign will be starting up. This year we are using the Urban Fantasy setting of Monster of the Week, from NZ designer Michael Sands.

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Aug 192014

Hello folks! Breaking news from the 2014 SAGA AGM – the 2015 committee has been elected:

  • President: Robert Vincent
  • Secretary: Sam Nicholls
  • Treasurer: Lucy Howe
  • Quartermaster: Gareth Owen Reynolds
  • Promotions: Keegan Meiklejohn

Sam J was also elected as SAGA’s first official minion. Congratulations to our new committee!